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the spiritual

carrah quigley


Take a breath. 


During High School, I was assigned to read the book Siddhartha, by Herman Hesse. For research, the class went to a local Buddhist center where we learned meditation. I was hooked instantly. At 20 years old, I was diagnosed with Panic Disorder. It was a terrifying and helpless time in my life and I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it through. Thankfully, I was given the best doctor, who was also Buddhist. My doctor gave me several techniques to help me through my multiple attacks a day. This introduced me to the world of mindfulness. I got hooked on that too. I have been medication free for 23 years because of the life transforming work of meditation, breath work and mindfulness. I stand by these methods with my life. 


Meditation is the work of fearlessly going inside to greet yourself. It is what I call the ultimate sobriety, the clearing out of all distraction in order to create and cultivate the wisdom and actualization of the inner self. Breath work is closely tied to meditation as it is the conduit through which one achieves the stillness and calm necessary for practice. Mindfulness is another tool easily accessed in daily living which can aid in coping with anxiety and the perception of stress in the Western world. 


If you are unable to attend my weekly offerings of meditation in the Kansas City area, I do private sessions and group sessions in homes, community centers, schools, churches or corporate offices. I have taught a range of ages from 4-85. Nothing brings me greater joy than illuminating the power of breath to people from all walks of experience and in all sorts of conditions in their lives. 


If you would like to hire me for a group or private meditation lesson, to create a class for your Yoga Studio or to book me for my popular Meditation 101 Workshop (2 hrs) please contact me

Private rate one on one: $75 per hour 3 visits are required but usually no more than that. 

Group rate 3-15ppl: $150 per hour

Large Group rate 15-50ppl: $10 per person 

Corporate rate 50ppl or more: $575

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