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carrah quigley

about carrah

Carrah Quigley is an International Speaker and Spiritual Humanist. For the last 19 years she has studied the world’s religions, become a highly sought after speaker, meditation and yoga instructor in the Kansas City area and given voice to the dark world of school shooters. She lectures on a wide range of topics including religion, spirituality, American culture, feminism, storytelling, earth-centered living, beauty, modern life, school shootings, art, music, history and the future of Humanism. She also enjoys the challenging pleasure of creating a talk around a topic given to her at random. Her meaningful conversations and lectures revolve around new ways of seeing old stories and how to embrace complex thinking. Her mission in life is to teach every human she meets how to properly breathe and find stillness. Carrah stands by methods of mindfulness and breathing for managing many forms of mental illness and believes firmly that learning to breathe properly will not only save your life, but transform it. She is proud to be a featured speaker at the 2018 Parliament of World’s Religions in Toronto. 


Carrah has a BA in Religious Studies from University of Arizona and a Master’s in Philosophy Ecumenics, with distinction, from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. She was trained in Yoga and Vedanta by Eric Paskel of Electric Soul Yoga. She is also a certified Meditation Instructor and certified Life Coach from CTA.

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