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the spiritual humanist

carrah quigley
Through story telling,
learning how to breathe and beginning difficult conversations we can change the world.

I am a spiritual humanist 

I am originally from Tucson, Arizona and now based in Kansas City. I have a degree in Religious Studies from the University of Arizona and a Masters degree, with Distinction, from Trinity College Dublin in Philosophy/Ecumenics. I am a National Speaker on topics of Spiritual Humanism, religion, secular spirituality, feminism, the arts, music, personal enlightenment and storytelling. 

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what people are saying...

This gal rocks my world with her sage advice and grounding meditation. Love her!
- Anne, Olathe, KS

She is incredible! Her few words changed the way I deal with everything and everyone in daily life.
 - Anil, Boston, MA

I would consider her a thought leader.
 - Helen, Kansas City, MO

Every time [she] speaks, I make sure to be there because it’s always so good.
 - Leanna, Los Angeles, CA

Your talk the other day really changed my life. 
 - Summer, Omaha, NE

Her bravery, courage and willingness to share her story is an example to the world. 
 - Mary, Mission Hills, KS

Thank you for teaching me about compassion. I've been scared to understand what it really takes. I will pass this on to my children for sure.
 - Katrina, Flagstaff, AZ

She is simply the most interesting person I have ever met. Her story will change the world.
 - Linda, Tucson, AZ

Keep doing what you’re doing. Keep talking. Keep spreading the word.
 - Chad, Kansas City, KS

Thank you for sharing your story and being honest. I feel like you’re starting a conversation we need to have.
 - George, Kansas City, MO 

You’re helping me put words to my experience and giving me more courage everyday to process what I have been through.
 - Rachelle, Madison, WI

You are by far one the best speakers I have ever seen. You have such a way with words.
 - Bryan, Raymore, MO

I didn't know people like you existed. I didn’t know I could think or believe this way. You’re showing me how free I can be. 
- Kristina, Overland Park, KS 

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